Optical and Solar Cell Characterization


IPCE.bmpQE/IPCE Measurement Kit with Silicon Detector

Manufacturer: Newport 

Model: QE-PV-SI

Location: LFO93

Description: For External Quantum Efficiency and Internal Quantum Efficiency measurements of photovoltaic devices. Equipped by 300 W Xe light sources; Digital lock-in measurements with a NIST calibrated detectors over the 350 – 1100 nm range.

Zolix-Steady state PL spectrometer.png

Steady State Photoluminescence Electroluminescence Spectrometer

Manufacturer: Zolix 

Model: OmniPL

Location: LFO93

Description: Equipped with Keithley 2400 meter and 325 nm laser.​


Janis closed-cycle cyrogenic station.jpg

Janis Closed-cycle Cryogenic Station​

Manufacturer: Janis 

Model: CCS-100/204

Location: LFO93

Description: For low temperature/high vacuum optical and electrical properties measurements. Equipped with closed-cycle compressor and turbo pumping station. Temperature range is 7K-350K.

Raman Microscope

Manufacturer: Horiba Scientific  

Model: Aramis

Location: ANIC Core Lab

Description: Equipped with different UV and visible lasers, liquid N2 station.

Raman Microscope

Manufacturer: Horiba Scientific  

Model: LabRAM HR800

Location: ANIC Core Lab

Description: Equipped with visible laser.


Optical Surface Profiler

Manufacturer: Zygo  

Model: Newviews  7300 3D

Location: ANIC Core Lab

Description: White light interferometer, height ranging from 1nm up to 20000 nm.

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

Manufacturer: Horiba Scientific  

Model: Uvisel LT AGMS

Location: ANIC Core Lab

Description: Spectra range 190-2100 nm.