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  • Nonvolatile Resistive Switching in Pt/LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Heterostructures
    S. Wu, X. Luo, S. Turner, H. Peng, W. Lin, J. Ding, A. David, B. Wang, G.V. Tendeloo, J. Wang, T. Wu
    Physical Review X, Volume 3, Issue 4, Article number e041027, (2014)​​​​​​
Bottom electrodes, Charged oxygen vacancies, Conducting layers, High-resistance state, Non-volatile memory application, Ohmic characteristics, Resistive switching, Reversible transitions
  • Polarization enhancement and ferroelectric switching enabled by interacting magnetic structures in DyMnO3 thin films
    C. Lu, S. Dong, Z. Xia, H. Luo, Z. Yan, H. Wang, Z. Tian, S. Yuan, T. Wu, J. Liu
    Scientific Reports, Volume 3, Article number 3374, (2013)
Multiferroic thin films
  • Bandgap engineering of Cu2CdxZn1-xSnS4 alloy for photovoltaic applications: A complementary experimental and first-principles study
    Z.-Y. Xiao, Y.-F. Li, B. Yao, R. Deng, Z.-H. Ding, T. Wu, G. Yang, C.-R. Li, Z.-Y. Dong, L. Liu, L.-G. Zhang, H.-F. Zhao
    Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 114, Issue 18, Article number 183506, (2013)
Band gap engineering, First-principles calculation, First-principles study, Hall effect measurement, Optical absorption measurement, Photovoltaic applications, Photovoltaic materials, Power conversion efficiencies
  • Effects of electrode material and configuration on the characteristics of planar resistive switching devices
    H.Y. Peng, L. Pu, J.C. Wu, D. Cha, J.H. Hong, W.N. Lin, Y.Y. Li, J. F. Ding, A. David, K. Li, T. Wu
    APL Materials, Volume 1, Issue 5, Article number 052106, (2013)
Self-doped SrTiO3 (STO) single crystals
  • A Versatile Light-Switchable Nanorod Memory: Wurtzite ZnO on Perovskite SrTiO3
    A. Bera, H. Peng, J. Lourembam, Y. Shen, X.W. Sun, T. Wu
    Advanced Functional Materials, Volume 23, Issue 39, Pages 4977-4984, (2013)
Electron tunneling, Persistent photoconductivity, Resistive switching, SrTiO3, ZnO
  • Experimental and first-principles study of ferromagnetism in Mn-doped zinc stannate nanowires
    R. Deng, H. Zhou, Y.-F. Li, T. Wu, B. Yao, J.-M. Qin, Y.-C. Wan, D.-Y. Jiang, Q.-C. Liang, L. Liu
    Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 114, Issue 3, Article number 033910, (2013)
Chemical vapor transport, Ferromagnetic coupling, First-principles calculation, First-principles study, Formation energies, Nearest neighbors, Room temperature ferromagnetism, Structural and magnetic properties
  • Emergent ferromagnetism in ZnO/Al2O3 core-shell nanowires: Towards oxide spinterfaces
    G.Z. Xing, D.D. Wang, C.-J. Cheng, M. He, S. Li, T. Wu
    Applied Physics Letters, Volume 103, Issue 2, Article number 022402, (2013)
Core-shell nanowires, High temperature measurement, Magnetic orders, Nanoscale architectures, Room-temperature ferromagnetism, Structural defect, Thermally stable, Wide band gap
  • Electrostatic Tuning of Kondo Effect in a Rare-Earth-Doped Wide-Band-Gap Oxide
    Y. Li, R. Deng, W. Lin, Y. Tian, H. Peng, J. Yi, B. Yao, T. Wu
    Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, Volume 87, Issue 15, Article number 155151, (2013)
Kondo effect
  • Anisotropic surface strain in single crystalline cobalt nanowires and its impact on the diameter dependent Young’s modulus
    X. Huang, G. Li, L.B. Kong, Y.Z. Huang, T. Wu
    Nanoscale, Volume 5, Issue 23, Pages 11643-11648, (2013)
Anisotropic surface stress, Anisotropic surfaces, Mechanical measurements, Nondestructive methods, Single crystalline nanowires, Single-crystalline, Situ x-ray diffraction, Stiffening effect
  • A surfactant-thermal method to prepare four new three-dimensional heterometal-organic frameworks
    J. Gao, M. He, Z. Y. Lee, W. Cao, W.-W. Xiong, Y. Li, R. Ganguly, T. Wu, Q. Zhang
    Dalton Transactions, Volume 42, Issue 32, Pages 11367-11370, (2013)
Surfactant media, crystalline materials, surface active agents
  • Investigation of the conversion mechanism of nanosized CoF2
    Y.T. Teng, S.S. Pramana, J. Ding, T. Wu, R. Yazami
    Electrochimica Acta, Volume 107, Pages 301-31, (2013)
Lithium ion batteries, Metal fluoride, Nanosize, Precipitation, Wet synthesis
  • Self-powered ultraviolet photovoltaic effects based on metal/SrTiO3 Schottky junctions
    K. X. Jin, Y. Zhang, B. C. Luo, J. Y. Wang, C. L. Chen and T. Wu
    EPL, Volume 103, Issue 5, Article number 57007, (2013)
Self-powered ultraviolet photovoltaic effects
  • Suppression of photovoltaic effect by magnetic field in Pr 0.65(Ca0.75Sr0.25)0.35MnO 3/Nb:SrTiO3 heterostructure
    C. Luo, K. X. Jin, C. L. Chen, T. Wu
    Applied Physics Letters, Volume 103, Issue 21, Article number 212401, (2013)
Current-voltage relations, Electronic phase separation, Nb-doped SrTiO, P-n junction, Photo-voltage, Physical mechanism, Suppression effects
  • Tuning metal–carboxylate coordination in crystalline metal–organic frameworks through surfactant media
    J. Gao, K. Ye, M. He, W.-W. Xiong, W. Cao, Z. Yi Lee, Y. Wang, T. Wu, F. Huo, X. Liu, Q. Zhang
    Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Volume 206, Pages 27-31, (2013)
Coordination, Crystalline, Magnetic property, Metal-organic frameworks, Structure, Surfactant-thermal condition
  • Photoinduced phase transition and relaxation in bare SrTiO3 single crystals
    K.X. Jin, B.C. Luo, Y. F. Li, C. L. Chen, T. Wu
    Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 114, Issue 3, Article number 033509, (2013)
Absorption edges, Cutoff wavelengths, Detecting devices, Increasing temperatures, Insulator-metal phase, Photo-induced phase transitions, Relaxation time constant, Room temperature
  • Room temperature positive magnetoresistance via charge trapping in polyaniline-iron oxide nanoparticle composites
    A.L. Lin, T. Wu, W. Chen and A.T.S. Wee
    Applied Physics Letters, Volume 103, Issue 3, Article number 032408, (2013)
External magnetic field, Localization length, Organic hybrids, Oxide nanoparticles, Positive magnetoresistance, Resistive state, Room temperature, Temperature-dependent resistivity
  • Density-Controlled Synthesis of Uniform ZnO Nanowires: Wide-Range Tunability and Growth Regime Transition
    D. L. Guo, L. H. Tan, Z. P. Wei, H. Y. Chen and T. Wu
    Small, Volume 9, Issue 12, Pages 2069-2075, (2013)
Au nanoparticles, Electrostatic repulsion, Surface diffusion, Vapor-liquid-solid mechanisms, ZnO nanowires
  • Effect of charge compensation on the photoelectrochemical properties of Ho-doped SrTiO3 films
    L. Zhao, L. Fang, W. Dong, F. Zheng, M. Shen, T. Wu
    Applied Physics Letters, Volume 102, Issue 12, Article number 121905, (2013)
Charge compensation, Charge compensation mechanism, Compensation mechanism, Conduction electrons, Electrochemical impedance, Photocurrent density, Photoelectrochemical properties, Space charge regions
  • Origin of green emission and charge trapping dynamics in ZnO nanowires
    M. Li, G. Xing, G. Xing, B. Wu, T. Wu, X. Zhang, T.C. Sum
    Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, Volume 87, Issue 11, Article number 115309, (2013)
Green emission, ZnO nanostructures
  • Complementary charge trapping and ionic migration in resistive switching of rare-earth manganite TbMnO3
    Y. Cui,  H. Peng,  S. Wu,  R. Wang, T. Wu
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Volume 5, Issue 4, Pages 1213-1217, (2013)

Capacitance switching, Charge trapping, Ionic migration, Oxygen vacancies, Resistive switching, TbMnO3
  • Interfacial spin glass state and exchange bias in manganite bilayers with competing magnetic orders
    J.F. Ding, O.I. Lebedev, S. Turner, Y.F. Tian, W.J. Hu, J.W. Seo, C. Panagopoulos, W. Prellier, G. Van Tendeloo, T. Wu
    Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, Volume 87, Issue 5, Article number 054428, (2013)
Interfacial spin glass state, Manganite bilayers